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okizo wrote in compositeminds
The dissonance was unpleasant. 

She called out only to receive a cold, silent response.

Her toes had begun to grow numb from all of her meticulous tip-toeing but she hadn’t reached her limit of suffering, and pushed her unfelt limbs forward.

“Wait,” breathed a voice, its body hidden in the shadows.

The boy who had been travelling with her felt cold, so much so on the inside that his outer shell seemed minimal to comparison.

He was breathless from her fast pace and could no longer continue.

Or so he felt.

“Come on, we must hurry,” she whispered, tickled by the formality of her diction.

His thoughts stormed his mind and appeared ceaseless.

Who’d have thought that my sister, younger than I, would push me forward?

Why am I here?

Where are we going?

Who are we looking for?

What is the meaning of this?

Why—why am I here?
“It’s time”

Her sullen voice cracked the mirror of his thoughts.
“Time for wh—” His scream rang so loud and erupted into such cacophony that the animals and critters appeared to scream along with his sudden pain. 

Her hands twitched along his forearm and, with a grimly complacent expression, she twists and tugs at his arm joints. 
Though it hurt her to do so, she found herself growing ignorant of his screams. 
A sharp ripping sound followed by gush of blood dying her face an angry crimson greeted the two as she successfully pulled out the his arm, limp and seizing.
“And now—”

He remembered their plan but became overcome with doubtful imagery.
“NO! I DON’T WANT THIS ANYMORE” He found himself screaming, making words out of his animal cry.

“I’m sorry,” She whispered and with a brief sigh she grabbed the ripped arm from his intact fingers.

Realisation was unavoidable. 

As it dawned on him his face contorted into an incredulous gaze. 

She playfully looked from the now bloodless arm to her brother and grinned a terrible grin. 
With that she glanced down the abyss in front of the two and pushed him down the empty void.

“I’ll never forgive you,” he let out in the midst of his fall. 

And then it was her turn for an incredulous stare.

She hadn’t planned for such disappointment from him. 

As she peered down the abyss in which she had thrown him she slipped over the edge and fell into the darkness. 
She opened her frail eyelids—once, twice, thrice, and then completely.
Her mind asked the same questions that her brother had only mere moments before.
She realised the extent of her failure and the knowledge was overwhelming.
She saw a blood-painted hand raise and fall.
“It’s time? Is it time now?” He called in with a threatening tone of voice.
And with a vicious glare, the brother headed straight for his sister.
He ripped and grabbed at her hair as she worked meticulously at strangling him.
A click rang in the pair’s brains and epiphanies hit.
The two pressed the hidden corporal button that they had both been instructed never to press.
As they did the pair both fell to the ground, simultaneously, and blood flooded from their pores.
The blood did a funny thing.
And they never had to worry again.


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